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Baby Annabelle

Oh sweet sweet Annabelle! What a little peanut she was yet filled with the biggest smiles! Take a look at just a few photos from this princess’s session

Dorice & Chukwuka

These two made it easy to capture beautiful images of their playful and fun relationship on another perfect sunny day in O-town.  Dorice & Chukwuka, it was so nice getting to know the two of you and seeing your love for each other! Enjoy this next year as you continue planning for your big day, it will go by so fast!

Jamie & Adam – The proposal

Adam contacted me about capturing a few photos of his proposal to girlfriend Jamie and I was more than excited to do it! It was all top secret of course so I had to be extra tricky. I won’t lie, I kind of felt like a stalker as I hid behind trees, popped out to snap a photo and then hid again as fast as possible. I had a few people give me some wild and strange looks but I think it was worth it! Leaping on my tip toes from one tree to another I caught a few shots of this big moment before finally coming out and taking few pictures of the ring and their happy faces. Congrats to both of you! (she said YES!)

Mason – Two year session

Well, I guess they couldn’t be avoided. Yep, no way around it, we’re hitting the terrible twos at a rapid pace. My little man is getting so big I can’t believe it’s been 2 years! I have gotten so many compliments on his pictures that I can’t help but laugh. There are so many photo sessions where I orchestrate every bit of light, backdrop, pose, etc. and am dying for more shoot time and then there are sessions like these. “Sessions” that took me under 15 minutes to shoot (because let’s face it, I take lots of photos of my own kid already so a full 2 hour session would just be overkill) and did not require one bit of posing. Nope, I didn’t put his hands under his chin, I didn’t make him cross his arms, and I didn’t tell him to smile. I really did nothing except to plan the location, outfits and know how to get him to react. Maybe he just knows me so well that he knows what I want and understands that the faster we get his pictures done the faster he can be free. Or, maybe he secretly has been watching Zoolander and has come up with a few “Blue Steel” faces of his own. Who knows. My opinion? He is a ham who knows when the camera is on him and knows how to show it off. Either way, take a look at a few of my son Mason’s 2 year photos. The superhero photos are for his superhero birthday party and the others were just for our home:)

S O C I A L   M E D I A