Hey there! I'm Lindsay Cope and I am a photographer Like the other 90% of this country I love and am addicted to coffee. “Coffee” as in girly Starbucks drinks that can’t taste TOO much like coffee but more just sugar and syrup and pumpkiny goodness. I love DIY and crafting of all kinds. Though I try to steer away from those “Nailed it!” versions as much as possible, the inevitable is always out there. I’m guilty of unnecessary Target splurges, playing with my boys’ toys after they go to bed (Legos for the win!), and stressing out over the anti-stress coloring books because those darn lines are just too small for my colored pencils. My best friend tells me that my husband and I’s love language is ridicule because we make fun of each other on a regular basis (all in good fun of course). I am always looking for a new adventure or travel experience (Wanderlust? Heck, yes!)