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Pancerev Family | Greenlane, PA | Maternity session

If you’re a mama with a summer baby then you probably remember just how hot it was weeks before delivery. Living in Orlando and delivering at the end of July, I remember full out refusing to leave the house because of my need for 24/7 AC. Even going to the pool wasn’t cool enough. I’m pretty sure I started sweating just thinking about having to walk out the door! Luckily this mama is a champ and totally rocked her session in the 90+ degree heat on Saturday. She was stunning in purple and her family only complimented all that cuteness. This was a new location for me to shoot at and it definitely won’t be my last time visiting. This field + forest area was perfect and I’m so excited to share these with you!

Baby Skyler | Newborn + Home Session | Lake Nona, FL

This handsome little guy is so well loved you can just feel it through these images! Kisses, cuddles and being all wrapped up in mommy or daddy's arms was all he needed. Skyler happily snoozed through his session and was just an angel!


Baby Adelina | in-studio session | Winter Garden

So how often do you find yourself just staring at your child as they sleep? Even when they don’t look as nestled and cozy as little Adelina here. (Most of the time I find my son half out of his bed with a drop of drool ready to hit the ground, yet, I still stare at that cute face). I know we have all done this as new parents when we bring home that new baby and are still in shock that they are ours. I can bet we continually will catch ourselves doing it throughout our kids’ years too.  If you don’t have kids I realize this sounds kind of creepy. I promise you we are not lurking in the shadows listening to them breath with a crazy look in our eye. (I mean, at least not ALL of us are doing that). It’s just that when they fall asleep so peacefully it’s hard sometimes not to stare at those sweet faces and be thankful for the gift we have been given in them. Yes, sometimes it is done in joy of their quietness after hours of screaming or out of fear that if you take one step the floor will creak and they will wake up, but, mostly it is in thankfulness for their little selves